Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Spirit Week is Coming!!

Next week is Spirit Week!!

We hope you are excited for the Last Week of School & Spirit Week!!

This is a fun way to promote some school spirit as the school year winds down. 
Participation is optional on any and all days.

Monday - June 18th 

Western Day

Dress in your cowboy or cowgirl country gear. 

Tuesday - June 19th 

Wild Robot Day

Dress up as a robot or an animal from the school-wide read­aloud The Wild Robot. 

Wednesday - June 20th

Heritage Day

Wear something that shows your family's heritage, nationality, and/or culture such as a headpiece, scarf, t-shirt or colors from your country's flag. 

Thursday - June 21st

Dress Up Day

Wear your dress clothes as we help congratulate the 51h graders. Congratulations, Graduates ... Best of Luck in Middle School! 

Friday - June 22nd

Color War Day

Wear as much as you can in the color for your grade! 
Which grade will wear the most of their color? 
(This is the last day of school) 
Have fun & Be Creative! 

Kindergarten - Purple

Grade 1 - Blue 

Grade 2 - Green 

Grade 3 - Yellow 

Grade 4 - Orange 

Grade 5 - Red

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