Monday, April 30, 2018

Board Openings!!

 This year we have five board members retiring from JA PTO.  They have been a tremendous help to our school and we are sad to see them go.  We are also excited to meet new parents interested in helping out their children’s school!  

The executive board is made up of 6 primary positions; there are currently openings in every position except treasurer.  Each position is shared by two people, helping to spread out the work load.  

The following is a brief explanation of the tasks of each position.

  • The President shall preside over all meetings of the PTO and Executive Board. 
  • The President shall prepare agendas for all public and board meetings.
  • The President shall coordinate the work of the PTO Officers and Committees to ensure that all responsibilities are met.
  • The President shall meet with the Principal to coordinate joint efforts throughout the school year. The President also delegates responsibilities as necessary.

  • The Vice President shall act as an aide to the President and take all such action under the direction of the President.
  • The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.
  • The Vice President shall help the President effectively delegate responsibilities as necessary.

Recording Secretary
  • The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings of the general membership and the Executive Board and shall provide minutes via email to the officers and board members.
  • The Recording Secretary shall keep approved PTO minutes in a file.
  • The Recording Secretary shall assist the Corresponding Secretary as needed.

Corresponding Secretary
  • The Corresponding Secretary shall assume responsibility for the creation and distribution of any and all PTO correspondence including, but not limited to, monthly calendars for PTO bulletin board, announcements, facebook and blog posts and thank you notes.
  • Thank you notes shall be distributed in a timely manner from when the event took place. In most cases, one month after the event will serve as a benchmark.
  • The Corresponding Secretary shall act as the Recording Secretary in the absence of the Recording Secretary.

Volunteer Coordinator
  • The Volunteer Coordinator shall organize volunteers for various events.
  • He/She is responsible for maintaining the volunteer database throughout the school year.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator shall interface with Chairs of various events as needed.

  • The Historian shall take pictures of all PTO events to record for facebook, website and/or school yearbook.
  • He/She shall serve as historian and maintain a record of the school’s acknowledgments, community publications, and noteworthy accomplishments.
  • The Historian shall serve as a liaison between the school and district with regard to publicizing school events.
  • The Historian shall be responsible for the creation of photobook/scrapbook annually to be kept on file at school.

Elections take place tomorrow, May 1st at 7:00 PM.  Please forward this to anyone you think may be intrested and we hope to see you there!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Week

Please note a few changes to the flyer that went out earlier this week.

Due to the half day Wednesday, we will be handing out Potted plants that day.

Thursday will be the day we celebrate with a chocolate fountain, fruit and other fun things to dip!

We need volunteers on the following days:

 Tues 5/1 -7:15am – 8:45am:  Set up, clean up breakfast (2 volunteers needed)

Thur 5/3 - 10:15am – 2:00pm: set up, replenish Chocolate fountain as needed & clean up (2-4 volunteers needed)

Fri 5/4- 10:00am – 2:00pm: set up, replenish, clean up staff luncheon (2-4 volunteers needed)

Other Ways to Help:

Monetary Donations via cash or check, payable to JA PTO to assist in offsetting the cost of the week.

Donation of Baked Goods for Friday’s luncheon. (Please drop off at the school office no later than 10:00am Friday, May 4)

Please email us at with any questions or to volunteer.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Welcome Back from Vacation

Welcome Back from April Vacation.

Here are a few reminders to start the week off right!!

Don't forget your " What I love about JA cards" in preparation for Teacher Appreciation Week.

The 4th grade is still selling "JA stands for Joachim" Bracelets for $1.00 each.  

Mother Daughter Zumba is from 5:30 - 6:30 this Friday for grades 3-5.  (Note the time change)

The citywide music concert to benefit Joachim is this Friday at 7:00 PM at the high school.

You have until April 30th to get your Community bag from Hannaford's at Twin City Plaza.

We are still collecting items for Lawn Party for our Pot Luck Raffle. Any new or gently used items can be dropped off on the stage.

The next public PTO meeting with elections is Next Tuesday, May 1st.

Next Wednesday, May 2nd is a half day.

May 3rd is the Last day to turn in Books and Beyond sheets.

Lawn Party is May 12th.  We hope to see you all there!!

On 61 days till Summer Vacation!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Throughout the whole month of April

Before you get the groceries...
Get the bags!

ONLY at Hannaford
At 927 Merriam Ave (Twin City Plaza)

Either shop at this location 
Or pick up the bags and use 
them at your own store

Monday, April 2, 2018

Summer Camp Fair
Join us this Tuesday, April 3rd at 7:00pm
to see what your community has to offer
your kids this summer.
We have LOTS of local camps and programs
together to answer questions and hand
out information to keep your kids busy and having FUN!

Come with your friends who have kids at other 
Leominster Elementary Schools,